Tandem Electric Bikes: What You Need to Know

Electric bikes are rapidly increasing in popularity for several reasons. They can be adequate substitutions for commuting, eliminating many of the hassles of car commuting, and are better for the environment. They also can enhance touring and exercise routines, adding a bit of “juice” when fatigue sets in. They can also enhance extreme uses by … Read more

Electric Bikes are Perfect Low Impact Exercise

You’ve likely seen more electric bikes, often called e-bikes, on streets and trails these days. An e-bike is essentially a bicycle with battery-powered assistance. This addition transforms traditional cycling by reducing the effort needed to pedal. E-bikes have a motor that offers a boost, which can be adjusted according to your fitness level and the … Read more

Ride1up 700 Series Electric Bike Review

I’m here to talk about the Ride1UP 700 Series Electric Bike, a model that’s caught my attention and might just pique your interest, too. With a sleek design and a commitment to eco-friendly travel, the 700 Series is earning a reputation in the ever-expanding world of e-bikes. In a society increasingly cognizant of its carbon … Read more

Essential Safety Gear For Electric Bike Riders

If you’ve noticed more electric bikes zipping around city streets, you’re observing a major shift in how people get from A to B. Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are no longer a novel sight; they’ve become a formidable force in the future of urban commuting. With the push for greener living and efficient transport, the emergence … Read more

Hub vs. Mid-drive Electric Bike Motors

Electric bikes are changing the way we look at travel. With an electric drive system, rides become less about exertion and more about enjoying the journey. But what’s at the heart of this transformation? It’s the motor, and knowing whether a mid-drive or a hub-drive motor suits your needs better can make all the difference. … Read more

Torque Vs Cadence Sensors, Pros And Cons

Imagine you’re pedaling down the bike path, the wind in your face, and you’re feeling the boost every time your foot pushes down on the pedal. That exhilaration comes from a little thing called pedal-assist technology. In essence, pedal assist is an electronic system on e-bikes, that adds power to your pedaling effort, making it … Read more

Electric Bike Displays: Understanding The Console

Aventon bright LCD screen

Navigating the console of an electric bike (e-bike) doesn’t need to be daunting. I understand the importance of getting familiar with your e-bike’s dashboard, as it’s crucial for a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you’re a commuter or a recreational rider, grasping how to read and use your e-bike display will empower you in … Read more