Electric XP Tricycle by Lectric eBikes Review

Lectric Electric XP Tricycle, electric tricycle

The Electric XP Trike is a folding electric tricycle from Lectric eBikes. It is a low-step, which makes it easier to mount including for limited mobility users. It can accommodate riders up to 6’4″. The 500W motor can produce of to 65nM torque. The 48V, 14Ah battery has a nominal power of 672W and a … Read more

Bicycle Accessories for the Avid Rider

Modern Bicycle Helmet, bicycle accessories

There are numerous bicycle accessories available on the market to enhance safety, comfort, and functionality. Most of these accessories are usable on e-bikes also. Make sure to check the specs on your bike since some accessories are typically included. Here are some of the most common bicycle accessories: Helmet: A crucial safety accessory that protects … Read more

PowerShare powered Aventon Electric Bike Review

Aventon Powershare electric bike

Manufacturer: Aventon Price on Amazon: $1699 How cool would it be to be able to power your electric bike and power tools with the same interchangeable rechargeable batteries? Thanks to the cooperation of Worx and Aventon, this is now possible. Aventon is a leader in electric bike manufacturing. Worx makes a variety of power tools … Read more